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The reporter wearing the pouf-shaped dress
Playback/The New York Post

British designer Christian Cowan, who has designed looks for pop music icons like Kylie Minogue and Ice Spice, drew attention when he dressed a reporter for new york post with a pouf-shaped outfit. A different piececall of The Sweet Seat (the sweet seat, in free translation) was created to solve a daily problem, experienced in public transport.

“It’s the idea that you’re going to work and you can’t find your place”, explained the stylist, in an interview with the newspaper. “As a student I always used the London Underground and there were never any seats, so I just sat on the floor,” he added.

Cowan wanted the dress to incorporate all of her “favorite sweets”. The British designer also used the artist Leigh Bowery, creator of avant-garde trends, as inspiration for the costume.

Despite solving a situation experienced by most urban populations, the piece with the Candy Crush Saga game print does not have such a democratic value: it costs US$ 1,000 — the equivalent of around R$ 4,900 at current exchange rates.

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Even so, the video in which the press professional parades around the “Big Apple” with the beanbag dress shows that the look at least caught the attention of the public. “It `s cute. I wouldn’t. It looks better on you,” joked a security guard. “Do you make me want to eat a candy with that dress?”, revealed another viewer.

Anyway, as advised in several subways in Brazil, for the safety of passengers, it is not recommended to sit outside the seats.

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