Kendi Dusen Aglamaz Episode 2 with English subtitles

The new 2nd episode trailer of Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz (The Fallen Crying) has been released! In the end episode; Will Serkan, who entered her life on Alize’s birthday, be a gift of life to Alize or her Will it be the big test?

The anticipated day has arrived for one of TRT 1’s new summertime series, Kendi Düşen Aglamaz. We gathered all the intriguing details about the cast, location, and theme of the television series starring Eylül Tumbar and Enes Koçak!


New television series started to surface in front of the audience as the summer season arrived. This evening’s premiere of TRT 1’s new series, Kendi Düşen Alamaz, which was filmed around Istanbul’s neighborhoods, welcomes viewers. Here are the Kendi Düşen Alamaz 2nd episode trailer and episode synopsis.

Kenneth Düsen Aglamaz Storyline: Alize’s mother died the day she was born. Alize is a very attractive young girl, but she is also egotistical because her father lavished her with attention for years. Alize intends to exact revenge after learning that her father has officially gone nuts and remarried. She intends to establish a fictitious marriage with someone he would dislike in order to stop her father from getting married. But his wishes will not be fulfilled.

How did the last episode turn out?

Everything begins with the encounter between Serkan, a young guy whose aspirations were stolen as a result of an accident, and the stunning and stunning Alize, who grew up like a princess. Will Serkan, who arrived in her life on Alize’s birthday, bring Alize or her newfound life? The major test, will it be? Alize wants to play a little game to teach herself a lesson after finding out that her father is getting married, but she has no idea what would happen to her.

Alize now has two options available to her as she finds herself in a whole new existence. He will either follow his new set of rules when playing the game or he will give up. What will Alize do in front of Serkan, who is just as obstinate and reckless as he is, and who doesn’t know how to give up? Will Serkan’s secret be uncovered while our daughter is making an unexpectedly strong effort to adjust to her new life?

Summary for Kendi Düşen Aglamaz Episode 2

When Alize comes home to her father in the hopes of reuniting with her former life, she is met with a severe disappointment. He faces two challenging ways and suffers a significant destruction while being unaware of Serkan and his father’s involvement. Alize picks the challenging option. Returning home, she will demonstrate her perseverance to both her old and new families. Serap is equally as shocked by Alize’s visit to her new residence. While she believes she needs to take action to get rid of him, she is shocked by the revelations she makes one after another.



Alize continues to work at the hotel, which is the one place where she feels free, as she gets used to her new life. It’s the only location where he’s free of Serkan. Yet when she realizes that she is also lost there… She won’t be able to tolerate that. Alize will now attempt to conceal Serkan while she struggles with Serap. Will he succeed in all of this?



The script for “Kendi Düşen Aglamaz,” which is being co-written by Gülbike Sonay Üte and Tuna Kyg, is being adapted from the same-titled book by Ayşegül içekolu. The second episode of Kendi Düşen Aglamaz, which is directed by Emre Kabakuşak and nci Balabanolu, will air on June 29. Visit us for all the episodes of Kendi Düşen Aglamaz


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