Kendi Dusen Aglamaz Episode 3 with English subtitles

The new 3rd episode trailer of Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz (The Fallen Crying) has been released! In the end episode; Alize has experienced a great disappointment in her home, where she returns to her father and hopes to reunite with her old life …..

With the second-to-last episode, the Kendi Düşen Aglamaz series debuted on TRT1. Those who have seen the final episode of the series and are curious about what will happen in the upcoming episode can continue their investigation by viewing the trailer for the third episode of Kendi Düşen Aglamaz.


The final episode of Kendi Düşen Aglamaz, which was shown on TRT1 screens, was seen by the audience. Following the conclusion of the series, viewers who want to see a new episode trailer can do so by watching the trailer for Kendi Düşen Aglamaz’s third episode.

Today’s episode of the well-liked television program Kendi Düşen Aglmaz will air on TRT 1. One wonders if the trailer for the third episode was released after the series ended. Has the third episode of Own Fallen Crying’s trailer been released? Has the Kendi Düşen Aglamaz new episode trailer been made public? When will the Kendi Düşen Aglamaz new episode trailer air? These are the specifics.

On Thursday, June 22, 2023, TRT 1 began airing the Turkish television program Kendi Düşen Aglamaz. Has the third episode of Kendi Düşen Aglamaz’s trailer been released? Has the new trailer for the upcoming Kendi Düşen Aglamaz episode been released? What will happen? Here are the Kendi Düşen Aglamaz third episode trailer and episode synopsis.



How did the last episode turn out?


When Alize comes home to her father in the hopes of reuniting with her former life, she is met with a severe disappointment. He faces two challenging ways and suffers a significant destruction while being unaware of Serkan and his father’s involvement. Alize picks the challenging option. Returning home, she will demonstrate her perseverance to both her old and new families. Serap is equally as shocked by Alize’s visit to her new residence. While she believes she needs to take action to get rid of him, she is shocked by the revelations she makes one after another.

Summary for Kendi Düşen Alamaz Episode 3
Alize finds a method to escape the situation when her marriage, which she kept hidden from her friends, is about to be revealed. Alize has gotten away with it for the time being because to Serkan’s unexpected support. But as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to keep this a secret. On the one hand, Serap began to recognize the socks that Alize had knitted and placed one at a time on Serkan’s head. She made the decision to stick with this project. He discovered that his brother had been dismissed due to Alize, but if he learns that he works as a dishwasher, no one will be able to save Alize from Serap’s fury.

Serkan working as a dishwasher should therefore never be revealed to Serap. However, no one can foresee Serap’s further movements, which he made and will continue to make. One secret is uncovered while Alize and Serkan work to keep another one hidden. Both must play the game in a planned manner. They experience such an accident just when they believe they have dodged this difficulty. Serkan is now badly needed by Alize. Will Serkan succeed in rescuing Alize? Will they be able to keep their secret even if he is successful?


The script for “Kendi Düşen Aglamaz,” which is being co-written by Gülbike Sonay Üte and Tuna Kyg, is being adapted from the same-titled book by Ayşegül içekolu. The third episode of Kendi Düşen Almaz, which is directed by Emre Kabakuşak and nci Balabanolu, will air on July 6th. Visit us for all the episodes of Kendi Düşen Aglamaz

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