Kismet Episode 10 With English Subtitles

The new Kismet (Kismet) episode 7 trailer has been made available. In the climactic scene, Taner discovers that Roza was the one who told Melike details about herself, and he abducts both the young woman and the security guard who assisted her. What took place in the episode

We have surprises relating to the suspenseful fourth episode of the Kismet series on our website. The public soon had access to the eagerly awaited second Kismet trailer. On Friday, July 7 at 20:00, the popular Fox TV show will air.

The third action-packed episode of the well-liked Fox TV series Kismet is something we are eagerly expecting. On Friday, July 14 at 20:00, the fourth episode of the well-liked series, which stars renowned actors Cem Gelinolu and Zge Zacar, will be shown.

In the last episode, Taner and Reis threaten Doan while his life is still being turned upside down by unforeseen events. Doan agrees to seek Ceylan from his family after being persuaded by his mother, despite the fact that he will be executed in the following day. Will Doan’s decision to be married enable him to get out of his dangerous situation?


 Episode10 English subtitles for Kismet

Nilüfer, on the other hand, is informed at her place of business that her spouse is deeply in debt. Nilüfer finds herself in a terrible situation and decides to ask an old friend for help. But what benefits will he receive from this support?


Melike coerces Doan into taking part in a dangerous expedition in order to prove that Taner is cheating on her. They are put in a dreadful situation as a result of this procedure’s unforeseen repercussions. Will Doan, who is attempting to control the complex emotions he is feeling, be able to ascertain Melike’s true intentions and plan of action?

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Kismet (Ksmet): Trailer and Synopsis of Episode 1

Turkish drama Kismet (Kismet)’s characters

All of these episodes, including the abducted baby and the risk it brings, are still open-ended. Here are the trailer and episode synopsis for Ksmet’s (Kismet’s) fourth episode.

What happened in the most recent episode?

Doan goes to inquire for Ceylan with his mother Sema and his boss Namk Bey. But there are still issues. They are unable to desire the female because of the panic attacks. When Nilüfer re-meets her youthful love years later, she asks Chief Inspector Mert for help in locating her missing spouse. Doan is given the go-ahead by Reis to take whatever steps are required to prevent Melike from returning to Taner. Cevdet experiences an accident after promising to help Melda and Peri.

When Taner learns that Melike’s identity was exposed by Roza, he kidnaps both the young woman and the security guard who helped her. Roza gives Melike the supplies she needs for the DNA test. Doan proposes to Ceylan in front of everyone.

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