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Nutrition technician vacancy is one of Cate’s options

With a monthly salary of R$ 2,500, the position of technician in nutrition is one of the opportunities announced in the Cate (Centre for Support for Work and Entrepreneurship) this Thursday (3). Among the prerequisites are a minimum experience of six months and complete higher education.

This and other job opportunities are announced daily, live, in the newspaper Morning Balance Sheetfrom the Record TV.

These opportunities are among more than 442 vacancies at Kate. To apply for the job, you must register on Kate’s website (, access the “Job Vacancies” tab, search for the position and click the “I want to apply” button.

In order to be able to see all the vacancies, it is necessary, in addition to registering, to fill in the curriculum, with information about schooling and previous experiences.

On the same portal, several professional qualification courses are available, online and free, that can help those looking for work to acquire new knowledge and skills. Just click on “Courses” in the top menu of the page.

Click here to enter Kate’s website and see the vacancies (

If you want to check in person, Click here to find out where the units are located in each region of the city, which are open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

See some of the vacancies

• Function: production line assistant
Sao Paulo city
Prerequisite: complete elementary school
Salary: BRL 1,617

• Function: nursing technician
Sao Paulo city
Prerequisites: minimum experience of six months; must be studying nursing technician or higher education in nursing
Salary: BRL 1,500

• Function: butler
Sao Paulo city
Prerequisite: minimum experience of six months
Salary: BRL 1,700

Function: nutrition coach
Sao Paulo city
Prerequisites: complete higher education and minimum experience of six months
Salary: BRL 2,500

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