What the stars have in store for you for the week of August 8th to 14th

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You will feel optimistic and hopeful this week when the Moon connects with Jupiter in Taurus. You may have extra energy, or possibly take a step back to see the bigger picture of life, rather than fretting over the small details. You are able to feel more connected to a sense of spirituality or a higher purpose. On the other hand, you will probably treat yourself to pleasant experiences like shopping or eating out. Consider getting involved in hands-on activities like arts and crafts, cooking, or spending time in nature. You’ll want to find ways to feel more grounded in your daily routine.

At the same time, Venus in Leo is linking up with Uranus in Taurus, so you’re likely to notice sudden social plans or romantic activities that come out of nowhere. However, he may want some space in your intimate relationships and he may want greater independence. He won’t want to be around anyone who is too needy or clingy. Also, he will be discovering your true desires and interests that animate you. He will not simply follow the trends that everyone else is following. He is also capable of spending money a little impulsively, or wanting to experiment with his style or make-up routine. She will be motivated to express herself in new ways.


23 July – 22 August

This week, Leo, with the Moon in Taurus, will be focused on his career. She may be getting emails about new job opportunities, or she may be reflecting on her long-term vision for her career and how she’s going to get there. Perhaps she also wants to take on greater responsibility in another area of ​​her life. As Venus connects with Uranus, she will feel free to share her true personality with the world and possibly want to experiment with how she dresses or does her hair. Also consider expressing opinions with greater confidence.


23 August – 23 September

This week, Virgo with the Moon in Taurus will be absorbing new information. You may feel inspired to read or do research, especially on subjects related to other cultures or spiritualities. She will probably also be traveling, or simply having a conversation with someone that makes her look at the world differently. As Venus links with Uranus, she may be strengthening her intuition and perhaps receiving sudden insight through a dream or journal. She may also be working on a hobby and creative inspiration will come from spending time alone.


September 24th to October 23rd

This week, with the Moon in Taurus, you’ll be looking inward. Consider reflecting on patterns and behaviors that you can improve, or perhaps feel a little more emotionally sensitive. On the other hand, chances are you are simply paying bills or spending a lot of money. As Venus connects with Uranus, you may hear unexpected news from friends or feel a sudden urge to participate in a group activity or community event. You will also want to break out of your usual circle and change the people you associate with.


October 24th to November 23rd

This week, Scorpio, with the Moon in Taurus, is going to be spending quality time with people. You’re likely to go on a date or put more effort into your current relationship. It is also possible to be collaborating with someone at work, or relating to close friends. As Venus connects with Uranus, he may receive an unexpected job opportunity, or see a change in job responsibilities. He may also receive sudden attention or positive feedback from the people he works with, or perhaps he has an idea of ​​what he wants to do next in his career.


November 24th – December 21st

This week, Sagittarius, with the Moon in Taurus, is going to be very productive. You may be handling a range of tasks at work and will be looking for ways to organize yourself better. In addition, you may be more concerned about your health and want to exercise, make an appointment with your doctor, or eat nutritious food. As Venus connects with Uranus, she may feel inspired to write or do in-depth research on a particular subject. Also consider coming into contact with people from other cultures and backgrounds, or traveling to a new place.


December 22nd – January 20th

This week, Capricorn will have time to relax, with the Moon in Taurus. You will be able to pursue a fun hobby and may want to explore interests outside of work. It is also possible that you go on a date or get together with your closest friends. As Venus connects with Uranus, she may have unexpected bills, or discover how to be independent within a relationship while still being open and connected to someone. He may also get a flash of insight into his patterns through reading psychology or self-help books.


January 21st to February 19th

This week, with the Moon in Taurus, you will be dealing with matters related to the home, Aquarius. Consider bonding with family or visiting. You may want to organize and clean your space, or leave home to travel. When Venus connects with Uranus, surprising developments in love life can occur. Maybe go on a date or change the usual routine you have with your partner. However, you will probably also need some space to pursue your own interests.


February 20th – March 20th

This week, Pisces, with the Moon in Taurus, will be moving around a lot. Possibly you will be running errands, a day trip or meeting friends and acquaintances. Maybe you’re working on your writing or speaking skills, or diving into your summer reading list. As Venus connects with Uranus, consider changing your routine at work and finding ways to work more independently. It is also likely that you are faced with new job opportunities, or that you are working to bring creativity to your work projects.


March 21 – April 19

This week, with the Moon in Taurus, your mind will be on money. Maybe you’re spending more than usual and treating yourself to new clothes or meals out, or thinking about how you can increase income or start bigger projects at work. As Venus connects with Uranus, she may be experiencing a surge of creative inspiration, or possibly be injecting her voice into work or a hobby on the side. On the other hand, your love life may undergo sudden developments or perhaps you need space to get away from someone you are dating.


April 21 – May 21

This week, Taurus, with the Moon in your sign, will be focused on itself. Maybe you want to be setting new personal goals or feeling optimistic about where to go next. You will possibly attract attention or new opportunities from other people, and you will be projecting yourself with greater confidence. As Venus connects with Uranus, she may want to redecorate her home on a whim, or go on a trip somewhere. She is likely to receive surprise news from family members, or to have a sudden realization of a childhood or past memory.


22nd May – 21st June

This week, with the Moon in Taurus, you will have time to rest, Gemini. You are likely to feel low on energy or just need some space to be alone. He is also capable of resorting to a spiritual practice, such as meditation, yoga or journaling, to feel more grounded and at peace. As Venus connects with Uranus, you may feel inspired to explore a new subject of interest or suddenly be full of ideas for projects you want to pursue. Perhaps you are specifically motivated for work related to writing or speaking, or are learning more through travel.


22 June – 22 July

This week, with the Moon in Taurus, you will feel connected to people. You are likely to meet friends or participate in a group activity. Possibly you will also reflect on your future and feel supported by others at work to achieve your hopes and dreams. As Venus connects with Uranus, you may spend money unexpectedly, especially on items related to fashion, beauty or art. She won’t feel so guilty about spoiling herself. On the other hand, she is capable of coming up with ideas about work projects she wants to start, or getting paid for recent work.

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